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The cuisine enjoyed at The Raices Restaurant of Chez l’Habitant is recognized for its simplicity and quality and the meals are prepared with the singular intent of passionately expressing the flavor of the food. The meals are served with a perfect balance of color, aroma and flavor and are both delicious and filling. All of the varied foods served are prepared “from scratch” and are enlivened with spices and herbs grown in our garden.

We have a menu that offers a diverse selection of choices: pizza, garlic bread, tablas (finger food snacks), salads, chicken cannelloni, ravillione with ricotta cheese and spinach, and a vast array of meats, including lamb or beef cooked in our clay oven.

Much like a talented painter, co-owner Veronica Yerkovic dedicates her time to her passion – cooking. We offer meals that captivate the palate of the guest who appreciates good food and we serve dishes ranging from Chilean dishes to Canellone. Our varied selection provides the gourmand an opportunity to compliment a flavorful and satisfying meal with a tasteful wine.

The restaurant is open until 10:30 p.m. and the bar closes at midnight.